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Well we all do it from time to time. Sigh
To recover this situation you need to send mail to


You MUST NOT send HTML mail, just use plain ascii text.
The body of the mail Must have a line as follows.

Username: UserID

You MUST spell "Username:" exactly like that! "username" "username:" "User name:" are not going to work.
Observe also Username: has a colon ':' That has to be there!.
The UserID is the name you used to register yourself for the weather page software. Remember. If your User ID is FooBar you must always spell it FooBar. When spelt foobar is not the same to the software.
The Email is handled automaticaly so you MUST follow these instructions to the letter.

What happens next

Email will be sent to you at the address you gave when you registered. This will give you a tempary password and the URL of a page that will allow you to reset your forgotten password.
The time taken will depend on how fast Email can be exchanged. However, the new password will be only be useable for a couple of days at the most. So you should wait to get the email NOW and do the change NOW.

Known Problems:

The software is a little dumb and will not tell you if there was an error in your request.

You should send Email to

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