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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


In Nov 1998 there were 21000 users registered. So you can imagine I most likely don't know you and even if we have exchanged email I am not likely to remember you. If you have a problem be sure to give me as much information about the problem please leave out irevavent information. I use Linux so unless you too use that I will not be familiar with the software you use.

The most Frequent questions are from people that have forgotten their Userid or Password or who just can't register. The most important thing is to choose a Userid you can remember.
I have a User ID, Password. But how do I use them?
Your broswer will ask you for your User ID and Password each time you visit my pages that require User Authentification. Once you have entered the User ID and Password you will not need to re-enter them unless you visit other pages that require a different User ID and password or you restart your browser.

Some Tips: Use only the Letters A to Z and Numbers in your user id. Do Not include any spaces. And consider case sensitivity! See further notes on Registration.

I have forgotten my user ID
As long as you can still remember your Email address and Password you can use the User Verification program. to tell you your User ID.
I have forgotten my Password.
As the passwords are stored in a crypted form it is not possible to tell you what your password is. So you must use my Forgotten Password Page. This gives you a tempory password thus allowing you to change the one you have forgotten.
I can't get to your pages.
I have a page that will allow you to lookup errors from both you and the remote system you are accessing the pages from. The Error Lookup Page. just needs the Email address you gave when registering.
How do I Delete my User id?
As long as you know your User ID and Password simply use the Delete User Page.
Please can you change my Email address?
The simple answer to this is NO! However, there is a Change Email Adress page. Please use this to change your Email address. Note: Changing your email address will mean that you will be sent an Activation key.
I have registered but still can't get to the pages
If you have seen the Sucessfull Registration page then you managed to type a valid userid.
You MUST type both the user id and password exactly as you entered them. If your user id was FooBar then you must use FooBar The word foobar in lowercase is NOT the same word. They may sound the same to you and me but to a computer they are totally different words. The password that was mailed to you will only contain lower case charaters only consonats are used in the passwords. It could also be that your browser is not authentification capable. The only solution to that is to get a new Browser.

How do I register so that I can use the page?
If you are using Avnet as your Internet Service Provider then you do not need to register. Please see the Avnet user information for details on how to install your password for use outside the Avnet domain. There is no charge for registration or the use of the pages. I would just like to know who is using the pages. So please register. If you are not registered then you can only use the demo version. If you have registered then you can have access to all of the functions available. Note: if you don't access the pages for over 90 days then your registration will be cancelled.

Why do you have to have passwords
Why Not? It is a small price to pay for what I hope you find a useful service. There are places on the web you can get some of the information without passwords.
I put a lot of work in to getting the pages working and keeping them working. Some people seem to think that because they pay no money for the service it is free. It is not free it requires registration providing the service means that Avnet SkyTrak and Myself all incur cost in providing the service.
If you use Aviators Network as your ISP then a password is not required.

Why is the registration so complicated
The registration is I belive quite simple. Things can get complicated if you forget your pasword and/or your user id. I'm sure that you will agree there is not much I can do about that.
I am working on a more user friendly interface for problems.

Avnet Users
As an Avnet user you will not need to register. However, if you try to access the weather pages from a system that is not within the Avnet domain then you will need to have a user id and password to access the page.
Windows CE
If you use Windows CE then you will need to use the auto login cookie to get the authentification to work.

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